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“Rhea X Papacream” is creating a buzz on social media

“Rhea X Papacream” is creating a buzz on social media

Film director, Rhea Kapoor is creating a buzz on social media as she has recently launched four new ice-cream flavors with an artisanal ice-cream brand “Papacream”. The collection is called “Rhea X Papacream”.

It is an in-tub sundae experience that is made with the most premium ingredients. Promising to be a dream ice cream concoctions delivered in ready-to-eat tubs.

Rhea has been posting the praises she has been receiving for her sweet indulgent creation on social media. Actress Sonam Kapoor is the latest to join the bandwagon, as she

put up a sweet video appreciating the flavor “Chocolate Influencer” on her Instagram.

The four flavors are called After School Sundae, Brown Butter Biscuits, Hazelnut Cold Coffee, and Chocolate Influencer.

Talking about how the collection was thought through, Rhea said, “I randomly ordered a couple of tubs from ice cream new comer “Papacream” and fell immediately in love. Created by fiesty Kolkata-raised Wall Street I-banker turned ice cream empress Tanvi, the brand blended everything I loved. Quality, luxury, nostalgia, fun, and comfort. It made me happy. The ice cream was damn near perfect. We started chatting and before I knew it the “Rhea X Papacream” was made.”

They are all available to order online, you can drool over these ice creams too by ordering on the official website.

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