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Ahead of release, desi Elastigirl Kajol attends Disney’s ‘Incredibles 2’ event

Ahead of the Incredibles 2 release, Disney Pixar organized a fun event at Mumbai’s PVR Cinema with our desi Elastigirl Kajol, and Bikram Duggal (Head of Studio Entertainment at Disney India) on June 8.

The event was also attended by media professionals, family and kids.

Bollywood’s quintessential actress Kajol has lent her voice to the Hindi version of ‘Incredibles 2’s character of Helen Parr, Elastigirl.

The event witnessed the Hindi trailer of the movie, along with another where Kajol was seen managing the home and work.

Bikram stated the movie is a four-quadrant film, which appeals to all the generation – be it Kids, teenage, elderly or mid-aged persons.

When asked which superpower Kajol would love to have, the DDLJ actor said, “I would love to have 8 hands and a brain to match that. If not 8 hands, I would love to clone myself.”

Earlier, Shah Rukh Khan and his son Aryan had done the voiceover for the Hindi version – The Incredibles, which released in Hindi as ‘Hum Hain Lajawab’.

A journalist asked why Shah Rukh Khan’s voice was not being used in the film, or whether there could be a possibility of seeing SRK-Kajol together in a film. To which Bikram replied, “The movie is focused on Elastigirl, where she will be working outside, and Bob will be taking care of the kids. We feel the justice to the charming character of Elastigirl could be done none other than Kajol.”

Commenting on how the movie is relatable to her life, Kajol answered, “This is a family-based movie, when the father had to take care of the kids when the mother is out for work. Incredibles 2 brings to us a heartwarming tale of a family that is like us. But yet they are different. I think the scenario is pretty similar, and quite relatable to mine.”

However, the actress feels that Ajay is good at pampering kids as compared to her.

Kajol believes voice lending is a daunting task, where you will be dubbing for a different character altogether. However, she asserted that dubbing for Incredibles 2 is fun as she gets all the super powers without performing any super activities.

The sequel again deals with the Parr family attempting balance having a normal life with their superhero powers.

Check out the trailer here:

In the video, we see Kajol voicing her character in Hindi while narrating an aspect of the film, which deals with what happens to a Mr. Incredible when Elastigirl goes on a vacation. The struggles and challenges he has to overcome handling three children is just hysterical.

The film is slated to release in India on June 22 in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.



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