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These themed-restaurants in India will definitely makes you nostalgic

Themed-restaurants is the new trend, which offers its customers a new dining experience. Imagine dining with Joey, Rachel at Central Perk or having a magical meal?

With movie merchandising and licensing ruling the world, it’s time to take a break from conventional restaurants and have an ‘out of this world’ experience at one of these themed joints. Built around a particular theme from your favourite series or movies, these restaurants take you to a different world altogether with their ambiance, food and music.


Are you one of those, who are fascinated by the lifestyle of pirates and Captain Jack Sparrow? Then you cannot miss this unique place in Bengaluru.

Located in Koramangala, ‘The Black Pearl’ his amazing restaurant resembles a ship’s deck to the decorative skulls and pirate eye patches. If you are too obsessed with skeletons and spooky things, get ready to witness those bar stools and chairs that have backs shaped like very realistic human rib cages.

From the wooden flooring to the statues of the funny pirate Jack Sparrow, The Black Pearl gives an experience of feasting in a pirate ship (or being held captive in one).

Location: 105, 2nd & 3rd Floors, Vikas Tech Park, Jyoti Nivas College Road, Koramangala, 5th Block, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangolore, India


Does the name sound familiar to you? A big shoutout to all the Potterheads out there! Wizarding world has come itself to give you some great experiences, while dining.

You can go to Delhi’s First Harry-Potter Themed Cafe! It’s a little-hidden masterpiece in Vivek Vihar. has walls that contain stills and artworks from the movies to give it a more magical look.

Location: DDA Market, Satyam Enclave Near Sukhdev College, Vivek Vihar, New Delhi.


If you are a 90’s kid, then you must remember Joey, Rachel, Chandler from your favourite show FRIENDS.  No matter how much we love Twilight or GOT, we’re still laughing at FRIENDS, which is a sort of a bridge between two generations.

There are five FRIENDS-themed cafes in India right now, all of them peddle the nostalgia from the legendary couch which finds a place in Central Perk to Joey’s ugly white Pop dog who builds up the decor at FRIENDS Cafe in the city of joy – Kolkata.

FRIENDS is an iconic sitcom that still has its charm intact despite ending in 2004.

Currently, you can feel the nostalgia at Chandigarh, Kolkata, Pune, and Gurugram.



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