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Barbie goes desi-way: Mattel launches all-new dolls inspired by Colours of India

Barbie, from the house of Mattel Toys, launched an India-exclusive collection of dolls inspired by several cultural aspects.

The collectibles, from the Colours of India series, will see Barbie in six different avatars, uniquely inspired by six heritage sites across the country.

  • Barbie Visits Ajanta Caves
  • Barbie visits Hawa Mahal in Jaipur
  • Barbie Visits Thirumallai Nayakkar Mahal in Madurai
  • Barbie Visits Mysore Palace
  • Barbie Visits the Gompas at Sikkim
  • Barbie Visits India’s Wonder of the World – Taj Mahal

Colours of India series brings to life several aspects of each iconic monument that inspired the doll-maker to create the collection. With distinct shifts of cultures at every step, each doll in the collection has found a unique muse in the beauty India has to offer.

Speaking about Colours of India, Lokesh Kataria, Mattel’s Head of Marketing, said, “We, at Mattel, have always encouraged development through creative play and believe that when you play with a doll, you open your mind to endless possibilities. We are elated to launch a collection of Barbie that is so close to home.

The packaging designs were conceptualized by Design Orb.

Speaking on the new range, Poornima Burte, Founder-Director, Design Orb said, “This was a great design opportunity to help little children rediscover our country with Barbie. The Colours of India series firmly roots Barbie in the Indian context.”

Inspiration for the colours, motifs and architectural styles have been borrowed from the monuments of each destination such as ‘jharokas’ of Hawa Mahal from the pink city, Jaipur; the mystical paintings from Ajanta Caves from Maharashtra, the opulent courtyards of Mysore Palace from; the grand arches of South Indian heritage palace, Thirumallai Nayakkar Mahal in Madurai; the vibrant colours from Sikkim’s Gompas and the striking sheen of marbles from India’s wonder of the world; Taj Mahal.

“With this edition, we aim to drive a local connect with our audiences by showcasing the vibrant and diverse Indian culture inspired by iconic sites across the country.  Bringing a unique concept of Barbie visiting India, we intend to generate curiosity amongst young girls and inculcate in them the rich treasures of Indian heritage through meaningful play,” Lokesh further added.

The Colours of India will be available at leading retail stores and e-commerce websites.  In line with the theme of Barbie traveling across India, the pack also contains a mini DIY kit where girls can make a paper suitcase for the doll.

Mattel Toys had always focused its efforts around the core philosophy of ‘Play with purpose’ – where each toy developed by the global leader has an intrinsic benefit linked to it.

Earlier on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 5, Mattel had unveiled a new line of Barbies inspired by female role models from around the globe.

The Shero program honoured 14 “modern-day heroes” who have broken stereotypes in their fields which includes Patty Jenkins, Chloe Kim. The new collection doll line also pay homage to historical figures who have made a significant contribution to the society including aviator Amelia Earhart, artist and activist Frida Kahlo and mathematician Katherine Johnson.



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