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Hanuman vs Mahiravana hit theatres: Catch review, reactions and more! (Spoilers Inside)

The much-awaited mythological animation movie — Hanuman vs Mahiravana – an untold story from Ramayana hit the theatres on July 6.

The film showcases the story of Lord Hanuman and his attempts to free Ram and Lakshman from the clutches of Mahiravana, the ruler of the underworld. The trailer promises an animated adventure with plenty of action and of course, everyone’s favourite characters from Ramayana.

The film is produced by Green Gold Animation’s Samir Jain, Rajiv Chilaka, and Srinivas Chilkalpudi, and created by Gamaya Inc. As the producer of the film, Rajiv Chilaka was present at PVR Plaza, Connaught Place, Delhi for the promotions of his film.

Rajiv Chilaka Founder and CEO of Green Gold Animation was quoted, “Green Gold Animation has always tried to push the boundaries, we created India’s first animated fictional character movies for kids. Hanuman Vs Mahiravana the movie is visually stunning and will appeal to everyone, right from kids to the grandparents and this movie will be a perfect way for families and friends to spend quality time together.”

Check out the IANS Review here:

Rating — **1/2

As the title suggests, the animated film is about Hanuman’s confrontation with Mahiravana, the son of sage Vishrava and the brother of Ravana, the king of Lanka.


During the battle between Lord Ram and Ravana, when Ravana’s son Indrajit is killed, Ravana summons his brother Mahiravana to wreak havoc over Ram’s army. Mahiravana, a sorcerer and King of Patala or the netherworld, promises to help.

Ram and his entourage are wary that some mishap can take place on a particular fateful night that could bring harm to Ram and Lakshman. Hanuman is put on guard to ensure that no one enters the enclosure where the two brothers are relaxing.

Mahiravana makes many attempts and is unsuccessful. Then finally, Mahiravana enters the enclosure disguised as Ram’s ally Vibhishan and kidnaps the sleeping duo.

When the real Vibhishan comes to visit Ram, Hanuman realizes what happened, torn with guilt and grief and on the advice of Vibhishan, he sets out to Patala to rescue Ram and Lakshman before Mahiravan sacrifices them. How Hanuman enters the netherworld and rescues the brothers from the clutches of Mahiravan, forms the crux of the tale.

Analysis and Judgment:

The screenplay by Narayanan Vaidyanatan sticks to the source material, which is according to the scriptures. While the story is interesting, the plot with Hanuman’s antics drags in parts and this gets tedious for a while.

Technically, the film is astutely mounted and rendered in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and English with ace voice artists that lend their voices and bring the characters to life.

The animation and 3D effects of the film certainly match international standards. Each frame is intricate and beautifully designed, but the colour palette is subdued, stark and not very appealing. The music and background score elevates the viewing experience.

Overall, with an onslaught of brilliant, racy and colourful animation films from international markets, this film may not hold the attention and fascinate young minds.

Check out the trailer here:

Dr. Ezhil Vendan, director of Hanuman vs Mahiravana quoted, “This movie has been made with cutting-edge technology, high-end animation, and VFX. We made this in Stereoscopic 3D so the audience can get immersed in this adventure alongside Hanuman. We want this movie to inspire the next generation to feel proud of our heritage and enjoy this as much as they enjoy Harry Potter, Superman or The Avengers!”

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Recently, Green Gold had announced the launch of a mobile game based on the upcoming movie.

Hanuman Vs Mahiravana is a simulative game where users will help Hanuman on his mission to rescue Ram and Lakshmana.

The movie has been distributed by Yashraj Films and is targeted to be screened in overall 350 screens across India in Hindi and 25-plus screens across Tamil Nadu in Tamil.


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