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After Smurfs and Supers, say hello to fully-themed ‘Toy Story’ aircraft

Disney is doing a pretty good job of taking over the world, with its unique merchandises.

After Smurfs and the Supers family, the latest move is to take over the skies with their own fully-themed ‘Toy Story’ aircraft.

The venture between China Eastern Airlines and the Shanghai Disney Resort aims to connect people in Beijing with Shanghai while aboard an immersive Disney experience.

Of course, there’s a giant Buzz Lightyear on the exterior of the plane — to infinity, and beyond, people! Inside, there’s cute character theming over the seats and luggage bins, too.

From the Toy Story check-in, to the themed headphones and even menus that revolve around your favourite Toy Story characters, this flight has it all!

To make it more interesting for the flyers, once you land in Shanghai, you can head to Disney’s Toy Story Hotel where you can sleep in themed rooms and meet and greet your favorite characters.

Not only this, earlier, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Smurfs, Brussels Airlines unveiled the first Airbus A320 to be decorated with tiny blue animated characters. The aircraft, dubbed Aérosmurf, was painted by 14 artists over 14 consecutive days. The plane will be in use until 2023.

To celebrate the release of Disney and Pixar’s’ film ‘Incredibles 2’, Disney Consumer Products had also teamed up with Alaska Airlines for a special-edition plane featuring the popular family of “Supers.”

The newly-outfitted aircraft features the Parr family in their trademark super suits, the Incredibles logo and baby Jack-Jack’s arch nemesis, a raccoon.



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