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Licensing Corner Extends #ThatLicensedMerchGirl Exploring Brand Licensing

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Licensing Corner is ‘The First Digital News Media in India on Brand Licensing & Brand Extension Industry’

We have developed a niche as the only platform dedicated to cover all the latest happenings, news on brand licensing, brand extension, brand partnerships, licensed merchandise, limited editions & capsule collections!

Licensing Corner Extends #ThatLicensedMerchGirl Exploring Brand Licensing

Covid has impacted Licensing & Merchandising Industry in a huge form, as we purely depend on the retail sale of consumer products and revenue / royalty generated from the same. With Consumer Trends shifting drastically and Retail industry already being hit badly due to covid & Indo-China Clash, The offline partners are suffering to its maximum. We at Licensing Corner decided to review our business structure and find solution for the industry by extending our brand to not just B2B but B2C as well!

Licensing Corner will now feature an exclusive section for Consumers to ensure affiliate marketing, and consumers reach to original licensed products and stores they can find them thereby curbing infringement issues.

Rutika Malaviya, Publisher, Editor-In-Chief says, I am really chuffed to announce the all new Licensing Corner – Exploring the world of Brand Licensing & Extensions by reviewing our favourite Toys, Games, Licensed Consumer Products and Partnership Deals under #ThatLicensedMerchGirl, We realise the world of licensing needs to walk hand-in-hand with our fans & consumers and while, Licensing Corner will primarily continue to cover B2B news updates about latest deals, #ThatLicensedMerchGirl will be an added extension of the brand that focuses Consumers & Fans of the brand world!

We’ve got Reach of over 60k+ followers on social media platforms (cumulative) & 5Lakh+ Subscribers on website!!

What all can we do to reach your consumers via our platforms?

1. Weekly Live Videos / Youtube Videos Industry specific topic & Expert Speaks!

2. New Merchandise / Product Unboxing Video & Reviews [specific to Licensed Consumer Products | Brand Extensions | Merchandise Collection | Capsule / X Collection]

3. Special Exclusive Event / Product / Movie / Collection Launch Coverages

4. Video Interviews with Brand Spokesperson!

5. Retail Tour / Walkthrough

6. Freaky Friday & Tuesday Trivia Specially curated listicles editorial content for Brand Integration!

7. JOB section – Brands can post latest opening in India Licensing Industry

She further adds, “We are currently doing it on Barter basis! So brands & their PR can feel free to send us all your products for the unboxing / reviews or invite us for a store tour & we will be more than happy to take it forward!” ☺️

The key to stay updated will be following these hashtags on FB / Instagram / Linkedin / Twitter & Youtube


Licensing Corner has its presences in 15 countries like USA, UK, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Italy, Russia & Dubai where these niche is developed at large & Also as a media-partner in few of the renowned licensing trade events like Hong-Kong Licensing Show, Licensing Virtual Week, Licensing Expo Las Vegas, Brand Licensing Europe, Licensing Show China, Licensing Show Japan, Moscow Licensing Summit & Milano Licensing Summit.

#LC is all set to spread its reach even further!

Subscription ratio : 10,235+ unique visitors per month

Readership : More than 100,000 subscribers (Active Industry led)

Print Circulations : Approx 11,000  (discontinued due to pandemic)

Subscribers Profile: 

Licensors (Brand Owners), Licensees (Manufacturers), Vendors, Retailers, Distributors, Franchisers, Franchisees, Advertising Agencies, Licensing Agencies, OEM Partners / Vendors, IP Lawyers, Chambers of Commerce Govt. Officials, Marketing & Brand Managers, Corporate Brands

Subscribers Industry Focused (India): 

Character & Animation Industry, Entertainment Industry, Celebrities, Production Houses & Studios, Music, Corporate Brands, Fashion & Accessories, Food & Beverages, Publishing, Retails, Sports, Automobile, Toys & Games, Etc.

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