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The Smurfs X Athletes Today Announces New Licensing Partnership For India.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Post Views: 2,581 Blue and small, standing only three apples tall, the Smurfs value team spirit and loyalty. They might be hard to tell apart at first, however, each Smurf has his or her own particularity.  The Smurfs X Athletes Today Announces New Licensing Partnership For India. The little blue characters have been entertaining generations of kids and families all around the planet and this new partnership with Athletes Today will contribute to expand their popularity and bring joy to the fans in India. Peyo’s beloved characters are set to…

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Licensing Corner Extends #ThatLicensedMerchGirl Exploring Brand Licensing

Reading Time: 3 minutes Post Views: 2,443 Licensing Corner is ‘The First Digital News Media in India on Brand Licensing & Brand Extension Industry’ We have developed a niche as the only platform dedicated to cover all the latest happenings, news on brand licensing, brand extension, brand partnerships, licensed merchandise, limited editions & capsule collections! Licensing Corner Extends #ThatLicensedMerchGirl Exploring Brand Licensing Covid has impacted Licensing & Merchandising Industry in a huge form, as we purely depend on the retail sale of consumer products and revenue / royalty generated from the same. With Consumer Trends…

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Freaky Friday: Understanding how licensing agents help you do it better

Reading Time: 2 minutes Post Views: 1,925 Understanding Licensing & Should You Hire An Agent or Not? It’s friday again & time for our next freaky content for your to understand the world of licensing better! This week it’s a special one as we also celebrate our 4th Anniversary in the licensing Industry as a publication. Today, we are going to have a candid chat with Mr.Kelvyn Gardner – Founder, Asgard Media & Former UK Licensing International Head, who has spent 4decades in the world of licensing. But, obvious the topic today is about how…

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Trademark Filling in India – Importance and Analysis of the Market

Reading Time: 2 minutes Post Views: 3,744 The Government of India has been taking significant steps to develop favorable arena for Trademark filing. With registered trademark, one can stop others from using the trademarked business name/logo/word with respect to goods or services. Trademarks serve as a mark for identification of good or services and provide a better way to reach out to the huge audience. Trademarks influence the customers’ purchasing decision, reputation and acceptability such brands represent. Trademarks function as a valuable asset as they serve as a life-long support for business expansion. Even…

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Amul Girl to enter merchandising business

Reading Time: 2 minutes Post Views: 8,383 Now wear your favorite Amul Girl Polka dot frocks and a range of items like key rings and more. The adorable Amul girl could soon find her way into living rooms and kitchens, beyond the topical ads on newspapers with the dairy major mulling over launch of merchandise based on her. According to a top company official, once Amul takes a decision in the next two-three months, a range of items ranging from key rings to fridge magnets and polka dot frocks may be sold over its…

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Freaky Friday – From Comic strips to the Licensed Publishing World

Reading Time: 3 minutes Post Views: 4,206 Comic Strips – Something which is equally loved by tiny tots to grown-ups. They are simple yet funny and can make you go through a laugh riot. The best thing about comic strips/ books is that they connect with each individual at different level. Comic books provide you much diverse range of  stories, characters and art than ever before. The connection between the character in the comic book and the individual creates a symbiotic relationship wherein the person starts liking the character no matter where it goes. Character…

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Freaky Friday – 5 Food & Beverage Licensing Stories You Ought To Know

Reading Time: 3 minutes Post Views: 2,961 When we go shopping at the supermarket, the main thing we do is buying food or beverage but in the majority of the cases, we buy licensed products without the knowledge of our conscious mind. Food and beverage licensing is one of the most important category of licensing for the licensing industry. Only great marketers know that licensing is the steadiest way to lift profits. If licensing deals are done right then they are the most beneficial decisions ever. This Freaky friday we tell you about five…

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NBA launches training centre in India, plans to transform basketball landscape

Reading Time: 2 minutes Post Views: 4,045 NBA are deepening its link in India with introducing an elite basketball academy The National Basketball Academy (NBA) academy is set to launch in April in New Delhi and will house 24 of the best young talent in India. “With the Junior NBA programme going well and basketball being at the peak of its popularity in India, this was the next logical step,” said Brooks Meek, NBA vice-president, International Basketball Operations. The NBA also has plans to bring out a programme for junior girls in order to…

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