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Everything you need to know about Pokemon’s 25th anniversary

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Everything you need to know about Pokemon’s 25th anniversary

It’s been 25 years since the commemoration of the Pokemon franchise, which was started by the release of Pocket Monsters Red and Green for the Game boy way back in 1996. The franchise is being celebrated and showcased on different digital media platforms including video games, anime, manga, toy clothing, music, and events.

The anniversary was announced on  Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, which is set to release on November 19, 2021, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which would air on January 28, 2022.

  1. Live release of Pokemon the series: Diamond & Pearl

One can catch the live release of the first episode of Pokemon the series: Diamond and Pearl on the official Pokemon Youtube channel. If you want to binge the whole series then you can hop on Pokemon TV.

  1. Pokemon teamed up with the biggest names in the music industry

To celebrate 25 years of the Pokemon world coming to life, the franchise teamed up with music connoisseur Katy Perry to release a new song and cover “Electric”. Fans can also buy Electric themed merchandise collection, there is a wide variety to chose from and it includes t-shirts, pull-over hoodies, and tote bags.

The cover “Electric” will also be featured on a digital album to be released by Universal Music Group’s Capitol Records. The album will feature 14 songs by 11 different Universal Music Group artists. One can find the album and Katty Perry’s “Electric” contribution at the end of the year.

The P25 Music compilation album can be pre-saved and will automatically be delivered to the user to the streaming service of their choice.

  1. P25 Music virtual concert

Pokemon kicked off the M25 Music program with a Virtual concert that featured Post Malone. The virtual concert had tons of surprises. If you missed the live streaming you the event, you can check out the recording on the official website

“Only Wanna Be With You- Pokemon 25 version”

Post recorded a cover of Hootie and Blowfish smash 1995 “Only Wanna Be With You” was announced to celebrate the 25 year anniversary. The song was played for the first time at the virtual concert only.

You can catch the song here https://postmalone.lnk.to/OWBWY

Regional Exhibit

From March (the full month right after Pokémon Day), each region of the Pokemon world will be celebrated by the official Pokémon international social media accounts. There are 8 regions in total with different themes. During each month, an online exhibit will be opened on the official Pokémon website. All the regions are arranged in generation reverse order. These are the most popular regions.

  1. Galar

March month was dedicated to the region of Galar. This region is inspired by the United Kingdom. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon shield draw cues from the locations, culture, and history of the U.K, ultimately creating land to explore. Galar is the first region in the Pokemon world and it has the iconic wild areas region where pokemon can roam around freely.

Leon, the champion of the Galar Pokemon League, offers new Trainers in the region a choice of Grookey, Scornbunny, or Sobble as their first partner Pokemon.

You can catch everything about the Galar region here – https://25.pokemon.com/en-us/regions/galar

  1. Alola

This region is inspired by Hawaii, first visited by Trainers in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moo. The tropical Alolo region has Professor Kukui who offers new trainers a region choice of Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. The region is famous for hosting the Island challenge, where one can witness the most powerful battles.

  1. Merchandising

Apart from these regions, Pokemon is all set to release Pokemon’s 25th celebration-themed product this year. The store would also go live on Amazon store along with popular retail outlooks including Walmart and Pokemon center.


For more fun updates about the celebration check out the official website right there – Pokémon 25 (pokemon.com)



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