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LIMA to hold licensing sessions at the time of Licensing Expo in May

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The International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA) has declared open a lot of Licensing University sessions featuring numerous trending issues and a who’s who of experts.

Licensing University will take place from May 22-25 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas alongside Licensing Expo which is owned and organised by UBM and sponsored by LIMA. The Expo begins on May 23.

Cole Gahagan, chief commercial officer of Fanatics, will deliver the keynote address “Licensing in the On-Demand Economy,” which will look at how Millennials and the generations that follow them have shaped the company’s strategies as well as how it views the road ahead. The particular session will take place on May 23.

This year’s Licensing University will include a variety of hot topic sessions, such as:

1) ‘Growth Markets–India, China and Brazil”–This session will examine three of the global marketplaces most often cited as having the greatest growth potential for sales of licensed goods; offering real-world insights about business conditions; and how to maximize the opportunity. Speakers include Rohit Sobit, Brand Monk Licensing; Clara Yang, UYoung Culture & Media; and David Diesendruck, Redibra. Jiggy George of Dream Theatre will moderate.

(2) “Planning and Executing–Your Social Media Strategy.”This workshop will provide the latest states/insights/trends on where social media is today and where we are going. It will also provide an overview of the process for developing an effective social media strategy that is both targeted and flexible for fast changes, defining your marketing goals, identifying your target audience personas, choosing the platforms to use for communicating with your customers and prospects, establishing key performance indicators and monitoring the effectiveness of your content strategies. The seminar will be presented by Natalie Cupps DiBlasi of LACED Agency.

(3) “Eight Key Steps in Extending a Brand”–This seminar will explore the key questions when it comes to growing a brand, such as what is over licensing and should I be concerned? Is this a common problem? What kind of thinking or circumstances contribute to over licensing? Is there such a thing as under licensing? Why do managements want to license? How do you know you’re targeting the right categories? Speakers include Christain Mayer, Telefunken Licenses; Vera Tserkeris, HP; Ted Curtin, LMCA and ProdigyWorks. Allan Feldman of LMCA will moderate.

(4)“Basics of Sports Licensing” Attendees will learn how to integrate sports into their product portfolio and what the growth potential is for local, national and international consumers and more. Spakers include Carl Banks, G-III Sports; Matt Chavlovich, Major League Soccer; and Matt Dyste, Fermata Partners. Steve Scebelo of NFL Players Inc. will moderate.

(5)“The Changing Landscape of Digital Entertainment”–A discussion about the video game and digitial entertainment landscape and how to navigate the many choices an entertainment or corporate brand holder should understand and make. Speakers include Javon Frazier, Studio 71; Arthur Madred, Pixowl; Travis Rutherfod, Evolution; John Sutyak, DDM; and Clint Waasted, Zynga. Mark Caplan, BD Labs, will moderate.

(6)“Capsules, Collaborations and Limited Editions: Opportunities and Pitfalls”–This seminar will explore the benefits and challenges associated with these deals through a brief overview of the landscape and two case studies. Speakers include Christine Cool, Perfetti Van Melle; Pamela Deese, Arent Fox; and Carla Silva, King Features. Karen Raugust, Raugust Communications will moderate.


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