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Korean Beauty Brand launches Labiotte Chateau Wine Lipstick 

Is it a wine bottle or is it a lipstick? Maybe both!


A Korean beauty brand has designed the product of countless women’s dreams, by way of a range of lipsticks, balms and glosses actually infused with real wine.

The Labiotte Chateau Wine Lipstick Fitting collection is exactly how it sounds – a wine-bottle-shaped lipstick line with actual wine extract inside it.

The lipsticks come in various wine shades with clever names such as “Cabernet Red” and “Malbec Burgundy,” and are said to smell like berries.

Each Labiotte product comes encased in an adorable miniature bottle of wine.

The idea behind the range is that Labiotte’s glosses, balms and lipsticks are made with natural ingredients and wine extracts.

It’s totally cute and is perfect for the wino in you. This product promises to deliver all sorts of anti-ageing benefits to your pout.


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