Freaky Friday – Can Snapchat be a valuable contributor to success in Licensing?

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Snapchat is turning into a valuable and appealing platform to all brands and marketers. All businesses should know that be it any medium or platform, it is the way how you handle it and use it that leads you to success.

Snapchat has surprisingly evolved into a very interesting social network, both for the users, but also for the brands that start exploring its numerous opportunities for increased engagement, curated content and new creative directions.

Why Snapchat?

Media Conglomerates are tapping Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest and even Snapchat. Now what makes Snapchat so different? It gives a personal touch and a different identity to your brand.

Another great aspect of using Snapchat for your brand is that it brings the brand directly to the users and helps them to see the workings of the company and make them love the brand even more.

Take Starbucks, for example. The beloved beverage brand launched a Snapchat chilled summer drinks campaign. Cashing in on the popularity of their scrumptious Frappuccinos, the promo gave Starbucks drinkers the opportunity to super-impose a festive lens over a picture of their icy beverage and send it to their friends.

Why Snapchat and Licensing?

Now, how could Snapchat and Licensing world mingle with each other? It is easy and it is effective. Snapchat offers several different paid marketing options to meet the specific goals of your business. You can create a clever Snap Ad, build a fun Sponsored Geofilter, or give your potential customers an opportunity to interact with a Sponsored Lens.

By simply creating appealing videos, or ads using Snapchat, you can truly give a clear understanding of what your product is, and what it stands by. And that will surely help you to connect with the audience as we are sure they would love to see how your brand works to reach unto them.

Latest Licensing and Snapchat Story

Turner Broadcasting System Inc is creating more video content for mobile app Snapchat and is collaborating with the social media company on advertising. Turner will lead sales efforts for Live Stories and shows, while Snapchat will take the lead for sponsorships on the Discover channels. This latest partnership is done to expand their reach in the market and is specifically targeting the millennials.

Snapchat is one of the ways to success. So why aren’t you snapchatting your business stories yet?

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