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Freaky Friday: #Licensing101 – Books To Screen Adaptation

#Licensing101 Episode 1 – Books To Screen Adaptation

I’m beginning with a series of Episodes about #Licensing101 & In today’s video I have with me Mr. Sidharth Jain who will help us decode #ContentLicensing & Syndication. Bringing to Life – Books To Screen Adaptation 101!

Freaky Friday: #Licensing101 – Books To Screen Adaptation
Changing Times have changed how we consume books, wherein 71% of readers have moved to digital platforms – We also see a surge of adaptations of Published & Non-Published Books to Screen for various mediums – TV, Films, OTT platforms!
I do hope this video brings in some insights to authors & content producers towards the entire process, royalty rates, payouts & revenue models.
— What makes a good book to film adaptation
— What do filmmakers need to consider when adapting novels to movies?
— What are the key factors to consider
— Types of Adaptations
— How much author make their book becomes a movie
— How does content buyers plan on buying content genre
— How much do these OTT platforms pay
— What works best — A Movie / Series / OTT rights
Pl do comment below if you liked it, I look forward to your feedbacks & Do tell me if there are certain topics you be interested in me shedding some light for #BrandLicensing in India

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