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Freaky Friday: #Licensing101 – Books To Screen Adaptation

Reading Time: < 1 minute Post Views: 1,909 #Licensing101 Episode 1 – Books To Screen Adaptation I’m beginning with a series of Episodes about #Licensing101 & In today’s video I have with me Mr. Sidharth Jain who will help us decode #ContentLicensing & Syndication. Bringing to Life – Books To Screen Adaptation 101! Freaky Friday: #Licensing101 – Books To Screen Adaptation Changing Times have changed how we consume books, wherein 71% of readers have moved to digital platforms – We also see a surge of adaptations of Published & Non-Published Books to Screen for various…

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Music Licensing 

Sony Music launches global artist royalty portal in India

Reading Time: < 1 minute Post Views: 5,318 Music label Sony Music has launched its global artist royalty portal — Artist Portal in India to empower artists by giving them easy access to royalty statements online. Along with detailed insights into worldwide music streams, downloads, video views, charts position and more, the label’s artiste and partners are presented with earnings from across all leading audio and video platforms. “It is a unique platform that gives artists access to revenue and consumer insights information on their songs,” Shridhar Subramaniam, President India, and the Middle East said…

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Brand Licensing Know-How 

FREAKY FRIDAY: #LCExcl – Understanding Licensing Lingo

Reading Time: < 1 minute Post Views: 2,331 FREAKY FRIDAY: #LCExcl – Understanding Licensing Lingo Licensing is the most common method to acquire the right to exploit IP. In a good licensing agreement, both parties benefit. The licensor gains the benefit of a brand extension and revenue (via royalties) without any investment in product development, production, or marketing. Confused? Check this video to understand the different jargons associated with licensing: Brand licensing is the leasing of a brand name to a company other than the owner of that particular brand. While licensing agreements by their…

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Brand Licensing Corporate Brand 

Trump earned income of royalty from realty ventures in India in 2016: Report

Reading Time: 2 minutes Post Views: 1,886 US President Donald Trump received some income in the form of royalty from his realty ventures in India, according to his latest annual financial disclosure form for the year 2016. Trump has listed assets of at least USD 1.4 billion and income of more than USD 452 million, according to the form. A copy of which was released by the US Office of Government Ethics in the previous week. Trump submitted his disclosure on Tuesday (May 15). As per the financial discloser form, Trump had two incomes…

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