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The Official Humans of Bombay Merch is now available on Souled Store

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The Official Humans of Bombay Merch is now available on Souled Store 

After building a community of over 2.29 million people, Humans of Bombay have finally launched their new collection #ImKindDontMind in partnership with Humans of Bombay. 

What started as the team of storytellers is now a full-fledged company on a mission to accept and celebrate diversity. 

The #ImKindDontMind collection is an ode to the power people hold to inspire each other positively by (quite literally) wearing their heart on their sleeves and becoming a constant reminder to those around them to be a better version of themselves. 

Humans of Bombay has broken the glass ceiling a while ago and has provided a window to individuals to put out their stories. The forte of their social media channels is that they have been able to give a chance to people who come from all walks of life.  

In the last five years, Karishma Mehta the founder of HOB, and her team have managed to present hundreds of stories ranging covering everything under the sun. Some stories would talk about how the interracial couple next door got married others would leave you in awe of people who started their business amidst the pandemic.

The collection would evoke a sense of empathy, love, and care amidst strangers. Talking about the collaboration representatives of the Souled Store said, “We aimed to provide comfort with this collection. Hence, tying up with Humans of Bombay came naturally, and we couldn’t have thought of anybody more fitting and true to convey the message.”

The collection has a range of pretty graphic T-shirts, with thoughtful messages such as “A garden of different flowers still a garden” and “We are all the same.” The unisex t-shirts start from 599 Rs. 

The collection aims to act as a ball of sunshine for anybody who chooses to adorn it. Shop the collection – https://bit.ly/TSSXHOB


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