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Raymond Weil’s Fourth Maestro pays tribute to The Beatles

Raymond Weil’s Fourth Maestro pays tribute to The Beatles

RAYMOND WEIL reveals its limited-edition fourth maestro ‘Let it Be’, A timepiece to mark the exceptional partnership with the legendary rock band “The Beatles”. With only 3,000 pieces, the watch celebrates the alliance between Raymond and the connoisseur of music.

‘Let It Be” was the last ever live performance of the boyband. After spending decades working closely with the music industry, Raymond Weil decided to pay tribute to the most popular music group of all time.

Over 50 years on from the band’s historic breakup, The Beatles remain one of the most popular and influential music groups of all time, with a reverberating impact on pop and rock music that continues today. Few watchmakers are better positioned to pay tribute to the legendary band than Raymond Weil, which has spent decades working closely with the music industry, and for its latest release the brand has announced its fourth and final limited edition watch designed in tribute to the “Fab Four.” With previous entries in the quadrilogy inspired by “Help!,” “Abbey Road,” and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” it’s only fitting that this last release pays homage to “Let It Be,” the final album to be released by The Beatles in 1970 (although not the last album the band recorded). The new Raymond Weil Maestro The Beatles Let It Be Limited Edition offers the most refined and complete look of the brand’s four Beatles-inspired releases, blending handsome design work with cleverly integrated subtle tributes to the influential group.

This new addition to the RAYMOND WEIL Music Icons limited edition collection, the “Let It Be” maestro The Beatles, symbolises the timelessness of a band. With the official, The Beatles logo at 9 o’clock balancing the RAYMOND WEIL logo at 3 o’clock and the official The Beatles logo further revealed on the case back.

“I’m a Beatles fan, like probably most other people, but it is true that I have become even more so through meeting the passionate collectors and fans of the band. I have come to grasp the respect and fascination they arouse in people and the impressive heritage that the group left to music. The Beatles have transcended time.” ELIE BERNHEIM – CEO, RAYMOND WEIL


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