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SuperGaming, Google Cloud Collaborates to Create ‘Super Platform’

SuperGaming, developer of MaskGun, PAC-MAN, and upcoming battle royale Indus will bring its best-in-class SuperPlatform to game developers via Google Cloud

SuperGaming, Google Cloud Collaborates to Create ‘Super Platform’ for Developers

Leading Indian game developer SuperGaming has chosen Google Cloud to bring its best-in-class live-ops engine, SuperPlatform, to game developers the world over. This will empower game developers to make better games with battle-tested cloud infrastructure that currently powers all of SuperGaming’s efforts. This includes PAC-MAN, which has more than one billion downloads across all storefronts, and its multiplayer shooter MaskGun, which has more than 65 million players.

SuperPlatform will run on Google Cloud and will enable game developers to manage live ops, matchmaking, player progression, player data, analytics, monetization systems, server scaling, sales, and merchandising. It also integrates with popular game development platforms.

“The SuperPlatform is at the core of what makes our games tick,” says Roby John, CEO and co-founder, SuperGaming. “It’s been made by game developers, for game developers, and after years of iteration, finesse, and supporting some marquee games like PAC-MAN, we felt it’s the right time to share it with more game developers. Google Cloud’s reach, technical expertise, and best-in-class infrastructure made it an obvious choice as our partner to bring this to market.”

SuperPlatform is a SaaS (software as a service) and will be an ISV (independent software vendor) running on Google Cloud, which provides secure, scalable, and sustainable infrastructure that will enable more game developers to access SuperPlatform at scale.

“Gaming is a big focus for Google Cloud. We have scaled our global investments in this space and are excited about the response we are getting from the market. ” says Bikram Singh Bedi, Managing Director, Google Cloud India. “Advancements like the SuperPlatform are welcome additions to an ever-evolving ecosystem. With Google Cloud’s infrastructure that enables developers to build at scale and SuperGaming’s pedigree in gaming, we can really drive impact and innovation and see more games come out of India.”

“By working closely with Google Cloud engineers and SDKs, a lot of our initial friction was eased,” says Navneet Singh Waraich, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, SuperGaming. “One key for us and our SuperPlatform customers is choice, and the ability to migrate our entire orchestration as needed for cost-effectiveness without disrupting the game client or server integrations on the frontend. This was a major plus for choosing to build our current stack on Google Cloud.”

In addition to this, upcoming SuperGaming titles such as Indo-Futuristic battle royale, Indus and Tower Conquest Metaverse Edition will also run on Google Cloud.


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