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Mimi Wade launches Polly Pocket themed clothing collection

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British American designer Mimi Wade collaborated with Polly Pocket to create a Polly Pocket x Mimi Wade capsule adult clothing collection.

The line includes printed silk satin dresses with lace trim, a baby crop lace trim t-shirt collection featuring Polly Pocket Snail Ride, Polly Pocket Baby Seahorse or Olly Pocket Cereal, and a collection of jewellery. Jewellery incorporates Swarovski crystal, pearl, and rhinestone beads, as well as original Polly Pocket figurines, resulting in a series of clip-on and pierced earrings, necklace and bracelets.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mimi Wade said, “The definitive message for me is that great things come in small packages. It’s about your character and attributes, rather than your physical stature.”

The new Polly Pocket will launch a refreshed look that nods to the brand’s heritage and surprise factor, with new miniature worlds and miniature compact themes.

“Polly Pocket may be small, but she’s not to be underestimated. This collaboration is for all the little girls doing big things,” Mimi further added.

The product line is accompanied by an animated series that follows Polly and her friends as they embrace big adventures in a shrunken size, thanks to Polly’s magic locket.

The collection will launch alongside the fashion collection, exclusively in Selfridges Oxford Street and on August 17.

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