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FREAKY FRIDAY: Attention GOT fans! Check out these stunning themed-restaurants in India

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Restaurants in India are now paying attention to themes to attract consumers and it is working!

With the final season of the ‘Games of Thrones’ slated to hit somewhere in 2019, people have gone absolutely crazy. Have you always been a fan of Tyron Lannister or Jon snow? If yes, then visit these absolutely awesome GOT-themed restaurants and grab some really cool drinks till wee hours.

Gospel of Taste, Mumbai:

A GOT-themed café has opened up in Bandra which dons an Iron Throne, Dragon Eggs, and House Banners!

Located on St. Theresa Road in Bandra, the attention to detail at the cafe is impeccable with an Iron Throne, dragon eggs, swords and dragon miniatures adorning the space.

The menu has been printed on a sword-shaped cardboards.

The Westeros, New Delhi:

‘The Westeros’ in Lajpat Nagar is inspired by our all-time favorite show – Game of Thrones. What’s even more amazing is that they have a life-size iron throne in the premises, which make you feel like the ruler of all the seven kingdoms!

The stunning decor and ambiance, live performances and DJs add to the appeal of The Westeros.

The café serves delicious food at a very affordable cost and goes around the screening of the show. Interesting, right?

However, according to Zomato, the place is permanently closed. Since we are a Mumbai-based organization, we cannot cross-check the facts!

Game of Taste, Jaipur:

Are you traveling to Rajasthan? Then, you would love to experience the kingdom feel of GOT.

This fine dining restaurant located in Raja Park, with a very attractive interior serving a full meal, you should surely try.

Winterfell Café, Srinagar:

Those traveling to J&K are bound to find the cafe as a much-needed halt and are certain to find themselves awe-inspired.

In GOT Winterfell is the seat of the ruler of the North and the traditional home of House Stark.

The best part about the cafe is that it is very dynamic – they keep changing little things about the place so that even regulars find themselves at the receiving end of surprises every now and then- much like the television series itself with its unexpected twists and turns.

They also visualize creating a performance platform for young artists and are working relentlessly with their Winterfell Live Sessions.

So, where are you heading this weekend?

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