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Freaky Friday: 10 makeup collections inspired by movies


Whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood, make up collections inspired by movies is age old. Everyone wants to emulate the characters they like or find beautiful on the big screen.

With the going by of the ages, the styles offering everything from over the top makeup to soft and subtle details have changed.

There are several makeup collections that have been created based on movies.

Here are ten of them:

Essence The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn

Even someone who isn’t in love with the Twilight Saga will find The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn makeup collection by Essence to be undeniably beautiful.

This collection proves that the look of the vampire can be impressively sexy with the right makeup. This collection includes the muted pale colors contrasted with bold reds, ruby reds, gold colors black colors.

The collection includes foundations, blush, lip gloss, lip pencils, gold shimmer, nail polishes and eyeliner. Getting that immortal look is simple with the quality makeup that brings it all together.


ELF The Little Mermaid

If you are looking for that basic beauty from The Little Mermaid, you will surely want to check out what ELF has to offer.

They provide a line of cosmetics based on Disney’s The Little Mermaid. This includes an eye shadow pallet filled with bright colors, brushes, eye liner, lip gloss and brushes.

You can even get a carry along case for the brushes in the same great style. This is one of the easiest ways to get the same great look of the movie all in package.

Rocky Horror Collection by MAC

Who doesn’t love a great take on the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Now, one can enjoy his/her favourite showing of this old classic while looking the part. On October 2, 2014, MAC Cosmetics had announced that they would be releasing an amazing new collection to stores around the United States.

This would include makeup inspired by the Rocky Horror Picture show to include lip pencils, lipsticks, a palette of eye shadow, pigment, blush, glitters, powders, lashes, liquid eyeliner and much more. And they did.

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Collection

The brilliant color and bold look that comes with Pulp Fiction obviously could translate well to a high quality makeup line. It’s not surprising that Urban Decay came up with this excellent collection over the summer of 2014 to include an eye shadow pallet, deep colored nail polish, bold lip color, glitter eyeliner and bold lip pencils to set off the look. This collection brings the face to life and makes a statement. Pair it with a hair style that brings out all the sharp lines and you will be ready to go.

Maleficient at MAC

Who doesn’t like the dramatic look sported  by the characters all along the Disney’s Maleficient? Now, one can enjoy the same drama in her look with the Maleficent makeup collection by MAC.

This collection includes such products as sculpting powder, long wear lip gloss, lip pencils, lipstick, eye shadow palettes and even bright colored nail lacquer.

This collection not for the fainthearted will bring bold new life to one’s look. Excellent for an evening out or for making a big statement at work because this collection is impressive.

This collection not for the fainthearted will bring bold new life to one’s look. Excellent for an evening out or for making a big statement at work because this collection is impressive.

This Disney villain’s makeup collection provides you with colors that are dark and sinister just like the character. You will find that you can accomplish the sly look that she pulls off with very little effort. The collection includes the foundation, eye shadow, eye liner and mascara for the job. They even tell you just how to get the best results with the diagram of your eyes. Let’s not forget the bold nails of the infamous Cruella de Vil. The makeup line includes the nail polish that you will need in dark and bright colors.

Sephora Disney Princess Jasmine

Who doesn’t want to look like a princess? The Jasmine collection based on Disney’s Princess Jasmine includes a large pallet of bright colors, nail polish in similar tones, dark eye liner, mascara and a beautiful compact. There is also perfume available in unique bottles and lip gloss to help round out the complete collection. Getting the bold look of Princess Jasmine is easier with a full collection of colors and tools to get you started. This collection offers a wide range of options to make you feel like a princess.

MAC the Simpsons

Celebrating the Simpsons, MAC Cosmetics has come out with a makeup collection that includes all of the best features from the show. They have bold eye shadows in shades of lime green and blackened teak as well as baby pink and electric blue. They provide stickers for your manicure and even have lashes to help you get the very best in the Simpson look. The tinted lip gloss comes in bright colors such as orange, fuchsia, violet and yellow to really make a statement. Let’s not forget that bright pink and coral colored blush that will help you get the very best for your look.

Ursula by ELF

Ursula can provide you with everything you need to get the dark villain look of Ursula from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. This collection has the bold pastels that will help you recreate this villain easily at home. They provide step by step instructions so that you can make the most of your look. They include eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and nail color. This collection is a good way to really get the evil look you want to portray, whether you are headed to a nightclub or just want the look during the day.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 by Revlon

Revlon has brought the big screen home to you with the shimmering nail polish and lip gloss in bright marbleized colors such as red, blue and gold. These looks will bring you the same look that the characters had in the movie. This is a great way to get the very bold superhero look you enjoyed on the movie. The very bold look is great for night life as well as a major accent during your daily routine. Get your superhero on with these amazing colors.

Divergent at Sephora

The new Divergent collection by Sephora came on the scene in the spring of 2014 and has everything that you could want to get the same clean look that the movie brought to the big screen. The soft foundation and sharp lines are easy to obtain when you use the Divergent collection to include eye shadow pallets, foundations, brushes and lip gloss that will help you find your favorite look. A mix of glitter shadows, dark colors and earth tones results in a clean look you will remember from the movie. This collection is available in a kit including many pieces and individually to pick and choose.


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