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Silvergate Media Announces Launch of Octonauts: Above & Beyond on Netflix

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Silvergate Media Announces Launch of Octonauts: Above & Beyond on Netflix

Silvergate Media (Silvergate) today shares details of the highly anticipated broadcast launch of its new Octonauts spin-off series, Octonauts: Above & Beyond.  Season 1 will debut globally on Netflix streaming platform from 7th September 2021, followed by Season 2 in 2022.

Responding to a range of new dangers across our ever-changing planet, the Octonauts extend their adventures beyond the sea and onto LAND! Their mission is as vital as ever: They will EXPLORE harsh and remote environments, RESCUE animals that need their help, and PROTECT the land and all living creatures, from elephants to bombardier beetles.

Favorite characters Barnacles, Kwazii, and Peso are supported by Dashi who assumes a new leadership role, new hero Paani, an expert on all the Earth’s waterways, in addition to an extended team of Octo-agents from around the world to call in emergencies and to aid the Octonauts on various missions.

At the heart of the series is a new mobile HQ, the Octoray, supported by a new fleet of land-based vehicles, the Terra Gups, which can climb mountains, dig tunnels, sail over sand dunes and navigate dense jungles.

Above & Beyond marks an exciting new chapter in the Octonauts universe,” said Ron Allen, EVP Commercial at Silvergate Media. “By moving the action onto land, this series will give audiences the opportunity to see their favorite characters face new challenges and the new narratives and landscapes will provide a dramatic backdrop for fresh Octonauts adventures. The launch of new content will kickstart a global brand strategy and we look forward to taking Octonauts to greater heights.”

First launched on screens in 2010, Octonauts has a global broadcast platform spanning multiple territories where viewing figures have remained consistently high since its debut and huge fanbases in the UK, US, and China. Children love the high-octane action, stunning creative and compelling characters whilst the property also benefits from strong parental endorsement due to the educational content and superb storytelling that have come to define the brand.

The broadcast launch of Octonauts: Above & Beyond will pave the way for a major relaunch of the consumer products program which will be spearheaded by new global toy partner Moose Toys’ master toyline.  Set to roll out at retail from June 2022, Moose Toys will bring to market a full range of Octonauts toys including figures, vehicles, playsets, plush, and more. Merlin Entertainments recently launched the world’s biggest Octonauts attraction at Changfeng Ocean World in Shanghai, part of the SEA LIFE global aquarium chain, and launched a new Octonauts initiative ‘Be a Captain for the Day’ across all 13 Sea Life venues in the UK, as well as venues in Australia and China.

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