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Italian clothing brand gets an upper hand as Apple loses Steve Jobs trademark case

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Apple has lost a lawsuit it had filed against an Italian clothing brand that had  trademarked the name of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Saying that it was an Apple logo, Apple took issue with the Italian company stating that the company was using  the Steve Jobs trademark without permission. But the Courts disallowed their claim and sided with the clothing brand.

According to an Italian website la Repubblica Napoli, brothers Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato noticed that Apple had never secured the trademark for the name of Jobs way back in in 2012. Finding that the Steve Jobs trademark was free, they seized upon it as an opportunity and decided to use it for the clothing company they were in the process of setting up then.

According to experts, Apple must have lost because it chose to go after the Steve Jobs trademark by taking issue with the logo the Italian company uses.

It argued that the “J” looks too much like the Apple logo. In fact, the “J” looks like a bite that has been taken out of it, and it’s topped with a leaf that’s similar to the one used on Apple’s logo.

However, the court sided with the Italian brothers saying that the design can’t be a rip-off of the iconic Apple logo because the letter “J” wsn’t a fruit and can’t be eaten.

Immensely happy at their win, the two brothers plan to keep working on new products under the Steve Jobs trademark. As a matter of fact, they have gone on record and said that eventually they want to begin shipping electronics.

If or when they do start selling electronic devices, things may turn turtle giving Apple an upper hand because then they will be more directly competing with the giant.



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