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ZDF renews Cottonwood Media’s Find Me In Paris

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Cottonwood Media and ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) also known as ZDF is a German public-service television broadcaster based in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate have announced the commissioning of a second season of the premium time-traveling-ballet series Find Me In Paris.

Find Me In Paris centers on Lena Grisky, a young dancer (and Princess) poised to become the next young star of the ballet world in 1905. When her boyfriend Henri gives her an old family necklace, it changes everything. How could he know that it was going to send Lena hurling into the twenty first century?!

While a frantic Henri does everything he can to find a way to bring her home, Lena does her best to fit into her new world, and even finds herself enjoying it, loving the fashion, the music, and all the new styles of dance. She makes new friends, including her handsome dance partner Max, who also runs an underground hip hop dance crew.

Lena has no idea what Henri’s going through to bring her home. And he’s not the only one after her – three rogue misfits called the Time Collectors are hot on her trail and after her timepiece. When Henri arrives to take her home and Max asks her to stay, Lena has to make a decision that will alter the course of her life. What life will she choose?

The renewal of the series comes on the heels of its launch in Germany to excellent ratings and critical acclaim.

The show has also been pre-sold to HULU (USA), France Télévisions (France), Disney (France and Italy), ABC (Australia), and VRT (Belgium).

Nicole Keeb, Head of International Co-Productions and Acquisitions, Children and Youth at ZDF observed, “At ZDF we like to support original and unusual, high quality shows so we are very pleased to continue with this show.”

“This show stands out from many others in the same genre because it has an unusual premise (a time-traveling ballerina who is good at ballet and hip hop!) and because of the on-location filming in Paris and the Opera, which really raises the production value and look of the series,” he added.

The Cottonwood producers of the show, David Michel, Zoé Carrera & Cécile Lauritano, added, “We have really enjoyed working with ZDF and ZDF Enterprise on this monumental project, and our shared passion for the series has resulted in a one-of-a-kind show. ZDF has been instrumental in bringing a unique show to the global marketplace.”

Produced by sister company Federation Kids & Family, ZDF and ZDF Enterprises Find Me In Paris is a high-budget international live action tween series starring Jessica Lord (Family Channel’s hit show The Next Step and Lego Friends) and Castle Rock (Disney’s Descendants and Nickelodeon’s Make it Pop).

Find Me In Paris also boasts of a stellar production team: the series is directed by Matt Bloom and Randall Thorne’s; creators and co-Executive Producers Jill Girling and Lori Mather-Welch are also the successful creators of Nickelodeon’s hit series RIDE; and the producers are industry veterans David Michel, Zoé Carrera Allaix, Cecile Lauritano and Pascal Breton, along with Co-Executive Producer Leila Smith.

ZDF (Germany) is the leading broadcaster of the series which is being distributed by Cottonwood Media’s sister company Federation Kids & Family and ZDF Enterprises.



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