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#LCExcl – Tinkle has evolved both in terms of stories and offerings: ACK Media President Sanjay Dhar

“We consider Tinkle as a timeless brand and have made sure that we evolve both in terms of our stories as well as our offerings,” said Sanjay Dhar – President, ACK media on the Nush-Tinkle collaboration.

To celebrate and popularize Indian pop-culture, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has sought design inspiration from Suppandi for the spring-summer collection line of her label NUSH.

NUSH and Tinkle Comics have collaborated on this endeavour to bring out a cool and comfortable fashion collection, comprising tops and dresses.

In an exclusive interview with Licensing Corner, Mr. Sanjay Dhar – President, ACK media talks about the recent partnership and the road ahead.

Read the full interview here:

Please tell us something about the NUSH-Tinkle collaboration?

We were approached by the agency that represents Anushka Sharma (YRF) with a pitch to do a Suppandi inspired range of summer clothing for Anushka’s brand Nush. Anushka is a self-confessed fan our popular character Suppandi, and has many fond memories of reading Suppandi stories as a child during her summer holidays.

Amid Marvel Avengers, why have you specifically chosen ‘Suppandi’ for the association?

We were approached to do this collection and were more than happy to collaborate.

Besides Suppandi, any plans for re-associating with Anushka Sharma (NUSH) in the future?

We have just launched this collection. We will know in some time if there is any re-association.

Do you think Indian Comics have been a little pushed out of the way by global content?

Not at all. The reading population continues to read Indian comics and in fact, this market is growing.

The pop-culture in India is still lagging behind other western countries. Any major reasons?

No comment.

Do you think there is a need to reinvent the methods and the medium of comics to spur growth and sales in India?

The comic reading population in India is growing. However, it is always good to give new offerings to existing customers and well as new customers and Tinkle is doing this very successfully.

We are already available on both android and iOS platforms so readers can enjoy their comics on their mobile devises. We are also available on Kindle. Apart from comics, our Youtube channel ‘Suppandi & Friends’ is very popular. We also have a Suppandi sticker app for iOS Messenger as well as a few Shambu game on Android.

Licensing and merchandising is another area where we are growing. We have a focused customer-engagement strategy that works on both on-ground and social media platforms. This includes our successful school contact programme as well as live events where children can interact with their beloved characters.

How can the comic book industry of India revive itself? Do you think Licensing and Merchandising could be an option?

No comment.

With so many celebrities joining the licensing bandwagon, any plans for future collaborations with any brands?

We are looking at several licensing opportunities across other verticals apart from just apparel. We consider ourselves a timeless brand and have made sure that we evolve both in terms of our stories as well as our offerings and we see this collaboration with NUSH as a step in that direction.

Anushka’s spring-summer collection for NUSH will feature over 180 designs offering immense variety for today’s women.

Suppandi is a village simpleton and is still considered the most famous among the characters appearing in Tinkle, an Indian fortnightly magazine. Suppandi made his debut in January 1983.


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