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Last letter from the Lover: Movie Adaptation from the book

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Last letter from the Lover: Movie Adaptation from the book

Interests differ but a classic story has its own uniqueness to decides its reader. The last letter from your lover was one amongst the list which was released on Netflix in the United States on July 23. Based on Jojo Moyes 2012 novel with the same name starring the romantic drama lives of two women named Ellie Haworth (Felecity Jones) and Jennifer Stirling (Shailene
Woodley). The movie brings down the lives of Jennifer and Ellie. Jennifer is an American women living in London in the 1960s whereas, on the other hand, Ellie is to be a Journalist living in the city in the times of 21 st century.
The movie moves down from past and present, centers on the complex personal dilemmas that two London women face when it comes to following their hearts and finding true love.
Their seemingly disparate worlds are shown colliding after the discovery of a trove of secret love letters dealing with a passionate affair from The  1960s prompting both women to reconsider what they believe about the loves they have lost and found Knowing the story of the Last letter from the Lover Book adaptation In The Last Letter From Your Lover, the love lives of two women living in London align despite being separated by more than forty years. Jennifer Stirling (Shailene Woodley) is a young American woman living with her wealthy husband Laurence Stirling (Joe Alwyn) in London in the 1960s. She’s left with no memories after surviving a catastrophic car crash, but as she seeks to discover who she once was, she happens upon a love letter addressed to her, asking her to leave her husband and signed simply “B” (Callum Turner). The finding leads Jennifer to a P.O. box that she formerly used and more love letters addressed to her from the mysterious “B.” While beginning to revive her journalist career Ellie pursuits an insight that guides her own complicated love life with falling in love with a toxic
entanglement with a married man.
Both the mediums show different sides of the story. While the book reads upon by mentioning even the complexities of the story and tries to build up the interest of the reader with small complexities. Whereas on the other hand in the movie the parallel romances provide inspiration for Augustine Frizzle’s dreamy film adaptation.
Mr. Moyes is known for his romantic writing including the many popular books like ‘Me before you which was adapted into the Famous Film published The Last letter from your lover in 2008. In a 2011 interview with CBS News, Moyes said that the inspiration for the novel came from eavesdropping on a group of women in a restaurant who were discussing a text message, then later hearing that her young cousin had never received a love letter got me thinking about how my generation might be the last write love letters, and how new technology may have actually muddied the waters of romance,” she said.
People have different reviews with their good reads for the story. Some liked the movie adaptation much better than the book. But the fact that the book capes the attention got readers more caught up with the small details of the story and held them captive.

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