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IGX Creator Summit 2021: Getting Your First Break in Gaming

IGX Creator Summit 2021: Getting Your First Break in Gaming

In IGX creator summit 2021 panelist Vaibhav Viswanathan MPL Gaming, Poornima Seetharaman Zynga, Ahad Oomerbhoy – Singular Scheme, Kashyap Singha Phukan – Psypher Interactive, and Tom Simpson, SVP of the APAC region spoke about how India is becoming the new hub for gaming development along with other aspects of the gaming market. Below are some of the key takeaways of the panel discussion.

In the last couple of years, how has the Indian gaming industry expanded?

Indian has the second largest internet consumer base with over 600 million internet users. According to KPMG studies, there is a 20 % contraction in the viewership of traditional forms of entertainment such as films, TV, and print. Research however foresees a rapid change in gaming consumption. COVUD -19 has only accelerated the growth of the gaming sector.

In the first half of 2020, there was a sudden surge in gaming, especially on mobiles. Mobile players get a sense of belonging while the competitive spirit is still intact. With the rise in smartphones, gaming has penetrated tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well. There are approximately 34 million Pubg users who are active every day. Studies suggest that there would be approximately half a million more Indians who would play games on their mobile by 2024

Advertisers would be at a grievous loss if they miss out on mobile gaming advertising.

How can brands seek leverage of the potential audience?

Panelists spoke about how gaming has penetrated into different demographics and we are spending more time than ever before online gaming. Simpson referred to games as the platform where “everything happens”

If advertisers are smart enough to craft strategies and sponsor the right esports teams, then they won’t get reach their target audience but convert them into loyal customers.

About The IGX Creators Summit 2021

The IGX Creators Summit is a unique initiative that focuses on creative processes that go into creating games and gaming content. Featuring some of India’s most talented game developers, studios creating world-class games, as well as some of India’s most influential content creators, the Summit is a 2-day digital event aiming to create a platform that showcases the creativity in the gaming ecosystem.


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