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Diversifying Gaming Content for Indian Audience: IGX Creator Summit 2021

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Diversifying Gaming Content for Indian Audience: IGX Creator Summit 2021 

At the IGX creators’ summit 2021 esteemed panelist spoke about how one can diversify gaming content for the Indian audience and thrive as a hub for game development. There is a list of the key takeaways from the summit.

What is the audience that esports should try to attract next?

Talking about the new market that the gaming community can try to acquire in 2021 Dushyant Saraswat, founder, and CEO of Hunter Games MHG Technologies said, “The gaming community now needs to focus on what we can do to push the non-gamer to really start gaming. The more pertinent question is why are there still non-gamers who are video watchers? When everyone knows that gaming is more fun.” Saraswat then points out a few pieces of research which suggest that people don’t have adequate skillsets to ace a game, they feel that because they lack hand-eye coordination to do well in a game they would actually give up. Gamer creators now then need to create a game without involving too many skills and still make sure that the game is entertaining to play.

Saraswat recognized that gaming today is very individualistic in nature and ultimately Indian family structure is extremely cohesive, so somewhere down the line the gaming industry needs to change the outlook of the Indian families towards gaming. Anurag Khurana co-founder of New Gen Gaming shed light on the subject and said, “People like to watch the content creators not the game per se. Most people would want to watch Dynamo the gamers not him play a particular game say BGMI, Pubg, Free fly, or anything. People derive some entertainment value.”

How important it is for brands to leverage esports and the large viewership that it offers?

Avadh Shah, Mobile Premier League said, “A lot more brands are investing in esports today than ever before. That is mainly because Esports offers a lower-cost marketing platform compared to traditional platforms like television. At a one-tenth cost of the traditional platform, one can still reach their audience. Mount and dew had sponsored counterstrike and Pubg tournaments, through the campaign they positioned themselves in a way that was pivotal for the gamers. The messaging with the game along with the highly engaged audience did wonders for the brand. Such a campaign is a win for all the stakeholders.”

About The IGX Creators Summit 2021

The IGX Creators Summit is a unique initiative that focuses on creative processes that go into creating games and gaming content. Featuring some of India’s most talented game developers, studios creating world-class games, as well as some of India’s most influential content creators, the Summit is a 2-day digital event aiming to create a platform that showcases the creativity in the gaming ecosystem.

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