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Discover New IP from renowned speakers at Licensing Expo Virtual

Discover New IP from renowned speakers at Licensing Expo Virtual

Licensing Expo Virtual, the world's largest event dedicated to
licensing and brand extension produced in partnership with industry trade association Licensing International, today announced the full speaker list for the all-new Digital Brand Roadshows. The 2021 edition of Licensing Expo is intentionally designed to bring brand IP to the forefront, with the introduction of Digital Brand Roadshows being a pillar of this initiative.
The Digital Brand Roadshows program offers Licensing Expo attendees the opportunity to experience a collection of six thematic live roadshows that spotlight the best in upcoming brands, new content releases, and some of the most compelling IP portfolios available to license based on the latest industry trends.

“IP discovery is a key component to this year's event," said Anna Knight, VP of Licensing. " We are thrilled to share that the inaugural launch of Digital Brand Roadshows has attracted speakers from the world-
renowned brands such as Penguin Random House UK, Dr. Seuss Enterprises, Yale University, MGM, and Acamar Films who are seeking to build partnerships with licensees and retailers. The Digital Brand Roadshows are perfect for those looking to spot trends and discover the latest brand rights available." Consisting of 40-minute live broadcasts, the new program collates a broad-cross section of brands, spotlight a selection of the thousands of IPs available for license throughout the event. The complete session and speaker list can be found below: Collaborations & Partnerships – August 24th at 12 p.m. PST There is something beautiful that happens when two brands partner up with the same purpose to
create some of our most valued products.

This session will highlight exhibitors who have succeeded through compelling collaborations to create authentic and marketable products, services, or experiences.
 Lindsay Pearl, Head of International Licensing – Penguin Ventures, Penguin Random House UK
 Carla Silva, GM, and VP, Global Head of Licensing, King Features
 Bruce Garfield, Owner, Bruce Garfield Company
New Exhibitors to the Event – August 24 at 3 p.m. PST
This session will showcase exhibitors who are brand-new to the Licensing Expo Virtual platform, covering an array of markets and product ranges and highlighting for attendees the latest IP and brands
on offer.
 Rocio Gonzalez Bustillo, Founder & Illustrator, Chan-Chan
 Germaine Gioia, President, Playlife Company
 Jay Bakerink, Co-President/Owner, Haylett Entertainment | Executive Producer, Piney: The Lonesome Pine
 Denise Gomez, Director of Licensing, Boat Rocker

Heritage & Nostalgia – August 25 th at 11 a.m. PST
Time and time again, consumers prove that nothing can top the feeling you get when a product takes you back to your childhood or helps you to escape to a different place in time. This session will shine information Classification: General spotlight on exhibitors who have withstood the test of time by continually delivering nostalgic content and products that always are a winner at retail.

 Robert Marick, Executive Vice President, Global Location-Based Entertainment & Experiences,
 Kristen Barthelman, Senior Vice President, Art Brand Studios
 Susan Brandt, President, Dr. Seuss Enterprises

Licensing Around the World – August 25 th at 3 p.m. PST
Think globally, act locally is the saying. The ability to appeal to a varied mix of consumers across differing demographics is something truly unique. This session will showcase brands that have proven successful in bringing products to market across a range of diverse regions.
 Jasen Wright, Vice President North America, Wildbrain CPLG
 Paul Murawski, Director, Department of Marketing & Trademark Licensing, Yale University
 Albert Rose, Director of Licensing, Licencias Mexicanas
The Live Experience – August 26 th at 11 a.m. PST
The desire to have first-hand experiences motivates consumers to engage and share within their networks. This session will cover brands who are excelling in creating a captivating, immersive, and unforgettable in-person event or experience for fans and consumers.
 Rachel Terrace, SVP Licensing & Brand Development, Penske
 Sherry Liu, VP, Strategy and Business Development, Nickelodeon

Animation & Anime – August 26 th at 3 p.m. PST
Content is king, and animation its crown. When companies hold characters that are so unique and have a wide appeal across ages and ranges, the licensed product opportunities are almost limitless. This session will focus on brands that have brought animation to life through new opportunities,
collaborations, and product innovations.
 Brian Ige, Senior Vice President, Animation, VIZ Media
 Sandra Vauthier-Cellier, Chief Commercial Officer, Acamar Films

The Digital Brand Roadshows are available exclusively to Licensing Expo Virtual attendees. All brands taking part are exhibiting at the event alongside 200+ others; attendees can register for free now to pre-book meetings with them at the event.

All content will be showcased live during the event and available on-demand for three months after the event ends. The latest exhibitors confirmed at Licensing Expo Virtual include Global Icons, Country Music Association, Studio 100, Bridging Group Korea joining Fruit of the Loom, Warner Bros, Buzzfeed, Unicorn Jazz, WWE, Activision, Pokémon, Peanuts Worldwide, Beanstalk, and 200+ others.



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