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CricketPang signs Rooh Entertainment as Official Rep in India

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  • CricketPang is a comical animation about cricket, is ready to be released in India as well as in the global market.
  • CricketPang signs with Rooh Entertainment, a well-known brand marketing and licensing company, as a representative licensing agency in India. 

CricketPang signs Rooh Entertainment as Official Rep in India

Global character creation and animation production company YouNeedCharacter Co., Ltd. (spearheaded by CEO Minsu Song) has recently signed with a renowned brand marketing and licensing agency, Rooh Entertainment(spearheaded by CEO Rutika Malaviya) as the licensing agency in India for CricketPang. Here on out, Rooh Entertainment will be in charge of the local brand marketing and licensing activities of ‘CricketPang’. 

YouNeedCharacter is a company that creates animation and educational content with its original characters and is currently planning and producing ‘CricketPang’, a tv animation based on Cricket. It is currently in the final production stage and as the first stage of the launch, the comic series will be aired in India. Followed by other major countries.

CricketPang has signed with popular OTT platforms in India and is in talks with local companies to start its services in March 2021.

“Rooh Entertainment is one of India’s most active brand marketing and licensing companies. I am happy to work with such a good partner.” said the CEO of YouNeedCharacter, Minsu Song. “Our original animation, CricketPang, will soon start airing in the global media market, starting in India. We also plan to develop a full-fledged brand marketing and licensing business with competent partners such as Rooh Entertainment to grow the CricketPang brand in a short period of time.” He added.

Rooh Entertainment’s Rutika Malviya said of the partnership, “It’s interesting to see CricketPang, a children’s animation based on cricket, India’s most popular sport. The animation’s overall quality and the design of the character are excellent. If the CricketPang brand launches and positions itself well in India, I know it will be a huge success. So we plan to increase the value of the brand together using the business know-how possessed by Rooh Entertainment.”

The interest in the IP is high, considering the tremendous response that the recently launched CricketPang Kindergarten App (an educational app for kindergarten-age children) has received. Despite the pre-airing of the CricketPang animation, the app has exceeded 100,000 downloads in India. With CricketPang’s official YouTube channel, ‘CricketPang TV’ that launched in mid-January exceeding 18,000 subscribers and 4 million views, the scope for the early childhood education platform business is quite promising. Most of the views are from countries that are passionate about cricket such as India, Bangladesh, and so on. The possibility for successful commercialization locally is becoming clearer.  Discussions with major Indian publishers to publish a series of CricketPang books are on the cards. The publication is to be expected soon.

For the successful launch of the CricketPang brand in India, YouNeedCharacter is building a cooperative relationship with great partners and expanding through OTT broadcasting, publishing, mobile education apps, an official YouTube channel, and commercialization licensing. The future of CricketPang’s activities and brand expansion in the Indian market is something to look forward to.


<YouNeedCharacter Overview>

YouNeedCharacter is an animation and character production company founded in 2017, by CEO Minsu Song, who previously has worked in Iconix, famous for their project ‘Pororo’. Actively developing characters and concepts for original character brand IPs and animations to advance into the Indian and global markets, especially with our flagship animation, ‘CricketPang’. 

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