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CPLG signs open Hatchimals licensees in the UK. Details inside

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CPLG has signed a number of licensees for the Hatchimals brand in the United Kingdom including lunch ware, apparel and toiletries among others. CPLG joined forces with Spin Master in April 2017.

“We are absolutely thrilled by the response to Hatchimals. It’s rewarding to watch the growth of the brand as more and more licensees join in the fun and enchanting world of Hatchtopia through CPLG’s efforts,” said Anna Hewitt, licensing director, Spin Master UK.

Here are the licensees signed:

  • Fashion U.K. for children’s day-wear and swimwear set to debut in spring/ summer 2018
  • Sambro for arts and crafts and stationery products including craft eggs and magnetic scribblers as well as bags, luggage and backpacks with two-way sequins to reveal the Hatchimals inside the egg;
  • Zak UK for lunch ware, dinner and drink-ware sets launching in autumn / winter 2018;
  • MV Sports for bikes, scooters, protection gear that debuted last month
  • Cosair for toiletries and cosmetics for the Christmas including lip balm and nail polish
  • Unique Industries for party supplies available at retail in the coming weeks
  • Immediate Media for a standalone monthly magazine from June 2018
  • DJ Murphy for Hatchimals content in its compilation magazine, Mixit

According to John Taylor, commercial director UK, CPLG, the company have been closely with Spin Master and licensees to develop some fantastic creative products which truly capture the magical element of the brand. “We’re looking forward to seeing the first product launch at retail and bringing consumers deeper into the Hatchimals universe,” John added.


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