Viz Media bolsters its Pokémon publishing line-up

Viz Media, known as a publishing, animation distribution, and global entertainment licensing firm, is bolstering its Pokémon publishing line-up with new manga and activity titles launching in 2018.

The first of these new titles will be on sale in the Spring of 2018 with additional titles scheduled for publication in the Summer.

The new releases include Pokemon Sun and Moon and Pokemon Horizon: Sun and Moon, two brand-new manga series that feature all new characters set in the Alola region from the latest Pokémon Sun & Moon video game.

Also announced was a new arts and crafts book, Pompom Pokemon, set for release in the Summer of 2018.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon manga follows the adventures of titular character Sun and Moon, embarking on a journey across the Alola region, battling the villainous Team Skull. Pokemon Horizon introduces new character Akira, as his summer vacation in the Alola region heats up when he befriends a Rockruff with a mysterious gemstone.

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