80th Birthday: Beano Studios secures raft of new licensing deals

To celebrate 80th birthday, Beano Studios has secured a number of new licensing deals.

According to a report in the Global License, the deals will solidify the brand’s influence on popular culture and its growing presence in the art and fashion markets.

Here’s the list:

The Westminster Mint is producing a range of collectible Ingots and medals, featuring the character artwork from Beano annual covers, which is slated to be available for purchase from July 2018 onwards.

Truffle Shuffle will produce two limited edition t-shirts, using original illustrations designed by Beano artist David Sutherland in 1970. Customers can buy the limited-edition products on the company’s official website.

Art and Hue has developed limited edition pop-art style Beano and Banana man ranges of unframed art prints.

Koch Media has developed seasonal boxed gifting sets for the brand. The gift-sets consist of consisting of mugs, tankards and golf gift sets.

Commenting on the raft of products, Ian Downes, founder of Start Licensing said, “These new deals are great partnerships and will help celebrate the 80 Anniversary in Beano style.”

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