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Essel made Tang’s sipper bottles on display in departmental stores

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Post Views: 7,472   It is well-known that Essel Marketing and Promotions Pvt. Ltd and Mondelez India have a long standing successful partnership. To give further proof, Tang’s colourful sipper bottle has been kept on display in every departmental store in India. Tang India’s litro pack now comes with a sipper bottle by Essel making the drink easy to make, serve and store. Tang is one of those beverages that have found its way into most kitchens since it’s quite easy to make. A well-designed sipper bottle with such a…

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Freaky Friday – 5 Food & Beverage Licensing Stories You Ought To Know

Reading Time: 3 minutes Post Views: 2,903 When we go shopping at the supermarket, the main thing we do is buying food or beverage but in the majority of the cases, we buy licensed products without the knowledge of our conscious mind. Food and beverage licensing is one of the most important category of licensing for the licensing industry. Only great marketers know that licensing is the steadiest way to lift profits. If licensing deals are done right then they are the most beneficial decisions ever. This Freaky friday we tell you about five…

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