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Freaky Friday – 5 Food & Beverage Licensing Stories You Ought To Know

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When we go shopping at the supermarket, the main thing we do is buying food or beverage but in the majority of the cases, we buy licensed products without the knowledge of our conscious mind.

Food and beverage licensing is one of the most important category of licensing for the licensing industry. Only great marketers know that licensing is the steadiest way to lift profits. If licensing deals are done right then they are the most beneficial decisions ever.

This Freaky friday we tell you about five Food and Beverage brands and their licensing stories that you ought to know. Read on to know more…

  1. Cadbury Fuse and Mondelez India

Confectionery Major Mondelez India launched Cadbury Fuse, a new range of products this year. The brand is one of the first brands to implement food licensing in India with new countline bar using extrusion technology. Cadbury fuse was first made available on e-commerce platform and then on traditional platforms.


  1. Brewery Ommegang and HBO

Brewery Ommegang and HBO global licensing have been cooking up different types of beers since the show began. The first beer to launch was Iron Throne, a blonde ale–launched in March alongside season three. They have also mimicked the beer names from the series like Valar Dohaeris and Valar Morghulis. Now, the latest news say that HBO has now launched a Game of Thrones special wine collection. Isn’t that classy!


  1. PRAN Argo and Byron Bay Chilli

A variety of chilli sauces were developed by Australian regional food manufacturer Bryon Bay Chilli made its debut in Bangladesh this month. The well-known Australian brand will be sold through Bangladesh’s largest conglomerate PRAN Argo. Under the licensing agreement, PRAN Agro will be also producing the sauces at its factory in Natore. This is the first agreement of its kind to produce food products in Bangladesh using Australian recipes, technology and branding.


  1. Cheetos and Online Store

The latest trend of food and beverage industry is to expand into non-traditional categories like jewelry, fashion accessories, make-up, etc. The latest brand who did the same is Cheetos who bought up an online store with their own new range of clothes, jewelry and make-up.


  1. Kellogg’s Café

Many of you would be surprised to know that Kelloggs have their first-ever permanent café open in New York City this year in July. Through licensing they have opened up a new café offering diet conscious people with a wide range of choices. Now even a bowl of cereal is exciting as ever.



Whether it be good taste or a good brand, the food licensing is really compelling source of cash. The food and beverage licensing business is clearly on rise in the west and has ignited its spark in India too. We hope to see brands and their businesses flourish into the food licensing sector as it has an immense power to capture huge markets. Go Licensing!

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