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Mattel expands toy partnership with Alibaba

Reading Time: 2 minutes Post Views: 2,931 Mattel and the Alibaba Group have inked a new strategic partnership that will aim to “re-shape the way parents in China think about play.” Under the terms of the agreement, Alibaba will help Mattel meet the growing and changing needs of Chinese consumers with an omni-channel approach spanning online-to-offline. Mattel will also utilize Alibaba’s business-to-consumer marketplace to market and sell its products as well as leverage the company’s media ecosystem to develop and promote educational content inspired by its brands and characters. “Play has a tremendous…

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Freaky Friday- 5 Unknown Licensing stories from the Toy World

Reading Time: 3 minutes Post Views: 4,819 The Licensing and Merchandising world is unknown to many but is one of the most fascinating industries. The term “License” gets its origin from late Middle English via Old French from Latin licentia ‘freedom, licentiousness’ (in medieval Latin ‘authority, permission’), from licere ‘be lawful or permitted’. Over the years the word got popular and was beginning to be used by authorities much frequently. Licensing is quite strong when it comes to Toy and Games industry. There is no doubt that licensing is one of the major drivers of the toy business,…

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Paws Inc unveils Garfield Cat Merchandise

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Post Views: 4,971 The famous comic character Garfield inspires a line of pet products Paws Inc. has tapped International Pet Group to create and distribute a range of pet products inspired by Garfield. IPG’s new line of branded products includes three collections of Garfield cat scratchers and loungers including the @home collection that will aim to complement a number of home décor options, the casual collection that is designed for cats to enjoy both uphill and downhill scratching and lounging and the essential collection that will incorporate Garfield’s playful style.…

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