Paws Inc unveils Garfield Cat Merchandise

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The famous comic character Garfield inspires a line of pet products


Paws Inc. has tapped International Pet Group to create and distribute a range of pet products inspired by Garfield.

IPG’s new line of branded products includes three collections of Garfield cat scratchers and loungers including the @home collection that will aim to complement a number of home décor options, the casual collection that is designed for cats to enjoy both uphill and downhill scratching and lounging and the essential collection that will incorporate Garfield’s playful style.

Additionally, all of the Garfield cat scratchers and lounger collections are reversible and will feature iconic Garfield designs.

Other products in the collection include the Garfield catnip paste and dynamic toy, Garfield catnip spray and silver vine dental chews, Garfield valerian spray and silver vine dental chews and a Garfield cat fountain with a replacement oral care kit.

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