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Sneak-peek into world’s first officially licensed Totoro Restaurant in Thailand

In what could be termed as good news for cartoon lovers, May’s Garden House Restaurant in Bangkok has been opened as the first officially licensed restaurant inspired by Miyazaki’s classic film ‘My Neighbor Totoro’. The restaurant features Miyazaki-themed decor, such as giant Totoro figure that sits in the dining rooms. Moreover, the menu items are inspired by the characters, such as steamed buns shaped like Mini Totoros. The tables are adorned with figurines of Totoro, Mei, Sootballs, the Catbus, and other characters from the movie. However, the restaurant is yet…

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Studio Ghibli theme-park to open in Japan in 2022

Japan’s most beloved animation house Studio Ghibli is finally getting its own theme park in 2020. The theme-park will bring films like Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Princess Mononoke to life. In addition to the Ghibli-themed rides and play areas, the park will also feature movie theatres, showing Ghibli animations new and old. Check out some of the concept pictures here: Located on a 200-hectare plot of land, the park is slated to come on the same area on which the 2005 World’s Fair was held near Nagoya,…

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