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Sneak-peek into world’s first officially licensed Totoro Restaurant in Thailand

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In what could be termed as good news for cartoon lovers, May’s Garden House Restaurant in Bangkok has been opened as the first officially licensed restaurant inspired by Miyazaki’s classic film ‘My Neighbor Totoro’.

The restaurant features Miyazaki-themed decor, such as giant Totoro figure that sits in the dining rooms. Moreover, the menu items are inspired by the characters, such as steamed buns shaped like Mini Totoros.

The tables are adorned with figurines of Totoro, Mei, Sootballs, the Catbus, and other characters from the movie. However, the restaurant is yet to be completed for public use.

Moreover, the restaurant plans on adding a children’s playground, an orchid greenhouse, and various other elements before the grand opening.

Studio Ghibli, co-founder Toshio Suzuki has helped in developing and curating the concept for the restaurant, and personally designed its sign. He also designed two exclusive new Studio Ghibli characters for the restaurant, Colko and Peeko.


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