Strategic Licensing 

FREAKY FRIDAY: Understanding Strategic Licensing

Strategic licensing is the method by which the developer of intellectual property, technology or a product embeds it in the licensee’s product for distribution. Strategic licensing deals are critically important to both parties as they require counsel to expend a lot of effort in negotiating and drafting them. Areas of concern: The main areas of special concern are: Price The scope of the license Foreclosing competition Price: While some strategic licenses are flat-fee deals, most involve a royalty based on sales of the licensee’s products. We must define the net…

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Brand Licensing Corporate Brand Know-How 

Your way to World-Class Brand Licensing Program

Licensing is the best way for a brand to develop its activities in a field that is different from its core business. Licensing enables companies whose brands have high preference to unlock a brand’s latent value and satisfy pent up demand that exists. After Apple launched the iPod a number of years ago it created an immediate need for accessories; Apple could have chosen to manufacture and distribute these themselves, but decided they were not core to the business and therefore, chose to satisfy the need through licensing. Licensing the iPod…

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