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Zenescope unveils new action figures based on female comic characters

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Zenescope Entertainment unveiled a new line of “bishoujo-style” collectible figures based on its most popular female lead characters from Zenescope’s ever-growing stable of comic book titles.

The first statue Zenescope is introducing is Sela Mathers, the main protagonist from the company’s ultra-popular Grimm Fairy Tales comic book series.

(Pre-Production Stage, Image Courtesy: Zenescope Official Blog)

Sela, known as “Guardian of the Nexus,” works to protect Earth from evil attempting to invade our world from other realms. The statue will stand at nearly nine inches tall and portrays Sela with her trusty sword and holding her enchanted, yet powerful, book of fairy tales.

Aside from the original version, Zenescope is also offering 250 limited-edition special “black and white” versions of the statue through Kickstarter pledges. The sculpt is based on design illustrations by one of Zenescope’s top artists, Jason Cardy.

The campaign has different pledge tiers for both retailers and consumers who can choose to reserve their statue as well as other highly sought after Zenescope merchandise.

Each statue reserved via Kickstarter also comes with a Grimm Fairy Tales limited-edition exclusive issue with cover art by designer, Jason Cardy. The campaign will run until June 5.

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