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VIVO IPL Fan Parks to cover 21 states and 36 cities

To take the IPL fervour to all parts of the country has been a constant endeavor of the BCCI. Initiated in 2015, the VIVO IPL Fan Parks has got fans closer to the action, replicating a stadium-type atmosphere.

This season, the VIVO IPL Fan Park extends its footprints to newer territories. Spread across 21 states and covering 36 cities, Fan Park 2019 looks to cover regions with limited options of entertainment, thereby trying to bring about a social change through community viewing.

Staying true to the motive of reaching thousands of Indians and defying boundaries, 1 new state and 8 new cities have been added. In the last four years, Fan Parks have covered 65 cities. The existing cities retained for this year are the ones, which have seen a good footfall in previous years and continue to draw fans in large numbers.

The new cities and states are as follows:

Cities: Tezpur, Gangtok, Bhilai, Una, Shimoga, Tirunelveli, Madurai and Trichy

State: Sikkim


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