Rising Sun Pictures joins team of Logan

Reprising its role on The Wolverine, Rising Sun Pictures (RSP) has joined the team of director James Mangold for Logan, the third and final installment in 20th Century Fox/Marvel’s Wolverine saga.

Working under the supervision of VFX supervisor Chas Jarrett and co-producer Kurt Williams, RSP contributed some 230 shots to the dark, visceral tale with the work ranging from animating the title character’s trademark claws to producing finely-detailed matte paintings of locations in Mexico, Texas and elsewhere.

Logan is a move away film from other X-Men movies in tone and style. Set in 2029, the film reveals a declining population of X-Men and a weary Logan (Hugh Jackman) with diminishing powers. His attempt to hide from the world and provideshelter an aging Professor X, is foiled by the arrival of a young mutant.


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