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tokidoki x SmiloShine collection is out now

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tokidoki x SmiloShine collection is out now

For the first time ever, tokidoki has teamed up with a dental care brand, SmiloShine for a licensing deal. This collaboration is specifically made to target young girls from the age group of 2-12. Products in this quirky range are reasonably priced, at a starting price of 180 Rs.

This is tokidoki’s eighth licensing deal with an Indian brand and its first deal with a toothpaste brand. Within a short span of two years, tokidoki has made a name for itself in the industry.

Navdeep Mehta, the Managing Director of SmiloShine said,” We were in search of quirky characters which could resonate with young kids, specifically girls. That is how we came to know of tokidoki, the unicorn is their famous character. Taking that into consideration tokidoki, felt like a perfect fit.” Talking about the response of the collection, Mehta said, “The collection is performing well in the market, wherever, the product has been placed we are getting off-take from the shelf. This is great for a new product which has launched within the last two months. Initially, with the scare of COVID-19, kids were not moving to the stores with their parents. Now as the stores are opening up, the off-take has started to increase.”

SmiloShine is currently planning to expand the range of characters and include characters such as Little Dabang and Gadget Guru Ganesha among others, this would cater to different age groups and would help them appease young boys.

tokidoki on the other hand plans to expand its licensing deal with lifestyle brands specifically targeting fashion licensing in 2021, they have also renewed their ongoing deal with ONLY India.

Pooneh Mohajer CEO and Co-Founder of tokidoki, in an exclusive interview with Licensing Corner, said, “During Covid, we have been very mindful of the overall strain on doing business generally. As a result, we have been open and flexible as well as patient.” she then added, “We are thrilled to launch tokidoki line with SmiloShine and happy to be sold in places like Reliance Fresh, so more people can discover tokidoki.”

tokidoki x SmiloShine collection is available in most retail outlets including Reliance Retail, BigBazaar Supershop, and First Cry. One can even buy these products from the official SmiloShine website –

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