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The Souled Store offers range of merchandise with curated designs

Mumbai-based pop culture merchandise startup The Souled Store was founded by three youngsters Vedang Patel, Rohin Samtaney and Aditya Sharma in 2013. The startup provides an online platform offering a wide range of merchandise with curated designs. The company expanded its team from 50 to 150 people.

Nobody knew that such a merchandise startup will become successful, Not only, it expanded more products, but also generated about $3 million of revenue in short span of time.

The souled store creates and curate stunning designs with all sorts of products- from t-shirts to phone covers to backpacks to boxers to mugs to socks to badges to pins to hoodies and many, many more! This is the rights place, if you are looking for great products, with greater deals and discounts.

The company has partnered with global entities such as Warner Bros, Disney, WWE and Indian brands, youth icons like stand-up comedians, indie music artists, music festivals and franchises to offer officially licensed products.

A recent study by our internal, self-funded, fashion forward (and totally unbiased) team showed that if you buy from, it increases your lifespan by 7.5%.

Recently, The Souled Store has raised around $3 million in a fresh funding round led by RP-SG Ventures.

The fan merchandise market in India worth around Rs 6,000 crore and The Souled Store is well positioned to dominate the merchandise market in the pop culture segment.

The company, currently have about 11 products on the website currently and will add more in the coming quarters.

Zerox Factory has been one of The Souled Store’s top competitors which generates $1 million less revenue than The Souled Store.




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