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#TuesdayTrivia: These celebrities invested in part-financing consumer product firms

Reading Time: 3 minutes Post Views: 2,943 While most of the celebrities forayed into fashion and hospitality sector, there are others who believed fitness as the ultimate thing. A league of celebrities has shifted their focus from brand endorsements to part-financing consumer products firms, and help influence sales. Venturing into businesses other than acting is not unheard of and joining the bandwagon is actor John Abraham. John Abraham has picked up a minority stake in a Mumbai-based chain of health, wellness, and beauty stores, Guardian Healthcare, which works as a franchise partner of US-based…

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#TuesdayTrivia: Do you know which BRAND first bought consumer products to India?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Post Views: 4,588 This weeks #TuesdayTrivia: Do you know which BRAND first bought consumer products to India? Disney India first brought its consumer products to India in 2005, is one of the major licensors in India. Working with local partners and organized retail giants such as Landmark, Amazon.in and Bestseller, Disney India has broadened its reach to over 2,00,000 outlets. Disney is a family-based entertainment brand and is enjoyed and trusted by fans across different age groups. The Walt Disney Company remains as the top brand licensor for nearly a…

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