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Nintendo and Kellogg’s jointly launch Super Mario Cereal

Reading Time: < 1 minute Post Views: 3,446 In an attempt to make breakfast a more playful experience, Nintendo and Kellogg’s have joined forces to launch Super Mario Cereal. The limited edition cereal will include power-up marshmallows as well as collectible Super Mario Odyssey box art. But that’s not all. The Super Mario Cereal box also functions as an amiibo accessory allowing users to directly receive goods such as gold coins, hearts and other power-ups into their consoles by tapping the cereal box on the Nintendo Switch system. “This powered-up partnership with Kellogg’s is another…

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Hasbro Gaming partners with Nintendo

Reading Time: < 1 minute Post Views: 2,337 Hasbro Gaming has partnered with video game giant Nintendo for a new take on Monopoly named Monopoly Gamer. The remixed version of the traditional board game features elements that will be familiar to gamers including character power-ups, boss battles and point collecting. The game includes four character tokens that would represent the iconic Super Mario characters of Mario, Princess Peach, Donley Kong and Yoshi. Each character comes with their own unique power-ups, lending an extra layer of strategy to the game. The box contains the game board,…

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McDonald partners with Nintendo to bring in Happy Meal toys

Reading Time: < 1 minute Post Views: 7,148 McDonald has partnered with Nintendo to develop characters from the iconic video game series appear as Happy Meal toys between April 26 and May 22 in restaurants across the US. The promotion comes at a time that coincides with the launch of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch, an update to the Wii U game which has been showered with praise from critics and will be available worldwide tomorrow. “Nintendo is always looking for ways to expand its brand, and a partnership with the family-friendly McDonald’s restaurants…

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Pokemon Company to celebrate Pokemon Day today

Reading Time: 2 minutes Post Views: 3,368     The Pokémon Company International will celebrate Pokémon Day with a lot of merchandises, in-game activations and more. The day commemorates the launch of the first Pokémon games. Pokémon Day is celebrated worldwide on February 27 to celebrate the launch of the first Pokémon games in Japan in 1996. To kick off the celebrations, a new gallery figures collection will be available on the Pokémon Center website. The new set includes Eevee, Mew, Magikarp and Pikachu performing their signature attacks. Nintendo will also release a limited…

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Nintendo and Pokémon Company launch Mario Pikachu Merchandise

Reading Time: < 1 minute Post Views: 4,944 Mario Pikachu Merchandise will be available exclusively in Japan from 29th October In a new crossover between Mario and Pokémon, The Pokémon Company has announced a new line of merchandise called Mario Pikachu for release at the end of this month. The merchandise includes Pikachu Mario and Luigi plushies (shown above), Mario and Luigi themed card games, a game card case and a New 3DS LL cover. In addition, there are also playing cards, keyrings, notebooks, folders and t-shirts. The Mario Pikachu line of Merchandise will only…

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