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Colonel Sanders landed in India, and everything looks finger lickin’ good!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Post Views: 3,549 After fiery chicken wings, What’s the other thing that obviously comes to mind whenever we hear the word “KFC”? Of course! The face of Colonel Sanders. And how would you feel if we say that Colonel Sanders gets an Indian identity? Yes, you read that right! Popular Theatre actor Denzil Smith has been roped in as the mascot of KFC in India. He will play the role of Colonel Sanders, the founder of the chicken restaurant company in India. “I am honoured to play this Colonel which…

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Here’s how Amul celebrates blockbuster success of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Post Views: 7,397 Anything and everything that is trending never misses the Amul eye. The utterly-butterly brand is known for the witty Amul Butter ads that revolve around the current affairs. Celebrating the success of “Marvel Avengers: Infinity War”, Amul releases an ad featuring the superheroes. Titled ‘Avengetarian Marvel!’ with a captain ‘Amul Infinitely Delicious!’, the advertisement features Iron Man, Thanos, Black Panther and the Amul girl dressed as a superhero. The film has created a furore worldwide, with its amazing response. It has been making unbelievable records at the…

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FREAKY FRIDAY: These mascots are still creating a strong recall for their brands

Reading Time: 4 minutes Post Views: 7,476 From the utterly-butterly Amul’s mascot girl to the  Air India’s Maharajah, mascots have been endearing brands to consumers over the years, creating a strong recall and connect beyond advertising and marketing drives. While the Amul Girl has been giving her witty takes on current happenings, the Maharaja always welcome guests with a gracious bow. In an age of social media, these mascots are still creating a strong recall for their respective brands. Take a look. The ‘Amul Girl’: Amul girl refers to the advertising mascot used by…

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