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Colonel Sanders landed in India, and everything looks finger lickin’ good!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Post Views: 3,423 After fiery chicken wings, What’s the other thing that obviously comes to mind whenever we hear the word “KFC”? Of course! The face of Colonel Sanders. And how would you feel if we say that Colonel Sanders gets an Indian identity? Yes, you read that right! Popular Theatre actor Denzil Smith has been roped in as the mascot of KFC in India. He will play the role of Colonel Sanders, the founder of the chicken restaurant company in India. “I am honoured to play this Colonel which…

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KFC’s fried-chicken themed merchandise selling like hot cakes

Reading Time: 2 minutes Post Views: 4,701 A day after KFC opened its online shop that was offering fried-chicken themed apparel, accessories and other limited-edition items, a third of the products were sold out. Much like Starbuck’s vastly successful unicorn frappuccino, “”seems to have been designed with the Instagram-obsessed generation in mind. Customers can order Colonel Sanders shirts, jewellery, pocket squares, lapel pins even a KFC pillow. Among the eclectic mix of merchandise is even a $20,000, 400-year-old meteorite in the shape of a Zinger sandwich. “KFC and Colonel Sanders have been American pop-culture icons for more…

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