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Marvel, Stern Pinball announce new Deadpool pinball machines

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Post Views: 3,016 Marvel and Stern Pinball have partnered to create a new Deadpool-inspired pinball machine. The new machines are available in pro, premium and limited-edition models priced at USD 5,999, USD 7,599 and USD 8,999. The new machine features Wade Wilson as well as other iconic X-Men characters, like Wolverine, Dazzler, Domino, Colossus, Juggernaut, Sabretooth, Mystique, Sauron, and Mr. Sinister. Premium and limited-edition models offer a disco ball with disco illumination effects, custom-molded Wolverine and Dazzler action figures, an actuated up/down ramp that feeds the flipper and a custom-molded…

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Character & Entertainment 

Amid Loki and Iron Man, here’s why Deadpool remains famous in cosplay universe

Reading Time: 3 minutes Post Views: 2,975 Pop-culture began in India a decade ago, and till then there’s no stopping! Every year cosplayers chose their favourite character – be it Batman or Joker, or any superhero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not to forget, the old-school blood sucking Vampire still rule the hearts and the charts, when it comes to cosplay. Iron Man and Loki became fan favourite over the years, and Suicide Squad made sure that many girls dressed up as Harley Quinn. But, surprisingly, the fun and quirky ‘Deadpool’ character remain people’s…

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Celebrity Character Licensing 

Deadpool 2 Hindi trailer: Ranveer Singh adds desi swag to Ryan Reynold’s character

Reading Time: 2 minutes Post Views: 4,379 Welcoming Ranveer Singh into the world of superhero space, the Befikre actor is giving his voice to the ribald mutant/anti-hero) Deadpool. Earlier, Varun Dhawan had given Hindi voice-over for ‘Captain America: Civil War’, Priyanka Chopra replaced Scarlett Johansson’s voice in ‘The Jungle Book’ for desi audience and Tiger Shroff was the voice for Hindi version of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ last year and Rana Daggubati dubbed for Thanos’ character in Avenger: Infinity War‘s Telugu version. Check out the trailer here: Ranveer brings his trademark brand of energy to the…

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