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All you need to know about Music Licensing

Reading Time: 4 minutes Post Views: 4,008 With the increase in the number of independent artists, it’s very important to educate about music licensing, which sometimes gets very complicated. However, if you know what to look for, it doesn’t seem confusing! Let’s break it down for you: What is Music Licensing? Music licensing is the licensed use of copyrighted music. Music licensing is intended to ensure that the owners of copyrights on musical works are compensated for certain uses of their work. A purchaser has limited rights to use the work without a separate…

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BlackBerry sues Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram over patent infringement

Reading Time: 2 minutes Post Views: 4,167 The Canadian firm BlackBerry has filed a 117-page lawsuit against “relative latecomers” Facebook and its and its subsidiaries, Instagram and WhatsApp over copyright infringement in mobile messaging. The former phone giant sued the world’s largest social network in a Los Angeles court. BlackBerry alleged that the social network has infringed on some of its patents including security features, mobile notifications, and combining gaming with messaging that made its products such a critical and commercial success in the first place. BlackBerry no longer makes phones; however, it still…

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